Hi Folks, sorry but this website is no longer active. It was built for a fancy-dress party which sadly didn't get its funding. Although the party never took place and we took the site down, we still get emails about it from 'conspiracy theorists'!



In 2009 we commissioned a website for a masked party which was supposed to look like the ancient cult featured in the ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ movie to people we invited. Digital and television producer Mark Hiley designed the site, and we all posted in blogs, forums and Wikipedia pages to help make it look real to Googlers, but - sorry to disappoint - it wasn't real! (if it was, we probably wouldn’t put ‘secret’ in the title!). It was just a spoof site to create a bit of buzz around the party.


We still think it's a fantastic party-concept so if anyone’s interested in buying this domain, please get in touch:


2013 UPDATE: Gossip site 'The Kernel' does story about this website!!!

We are flattered that gossip website “The Kernel" has done a very creative story about us!  The story claims they found an "anonymous well-known media figure” who actually went to our “sex party" (we'd love to meet him!), and have credited criminal property-developer and party-king Lord Eddie Davenport with creating our idea!!!  We are flattered indeed, but it’s total fiction. Our party didn’t go ahead, it was a masked fancy-dress party NOT a “sex party” or “orgy" or "sex club" (gossip columnists rock!), Lord Eddie Davenport is just the landlord of Mark Hiley (who produced our website and registered the domains etc) and the masked pictures are fancy-dress pictures they apparently stole from Mark's Facebook page!  A note to 'conspiracy theorists': on the same page of The Kernel website is a story titled "I Sent My Mum to Track Down Killer Spiders" so please don't take this story too seriously!  But PLEASE enjoy it by clicking HERE!